Sunday, April 28, 2013

Home sweet home.

All settled in back in Spokane, WA. This last week has been relaxing. It's fantastic waking up to my husband on one side of me and Mama on the other. It's lovely having both of them in one place and not having to worry about or miss one of them.

Spokane's weather has been gorgeous. 50s-60s since I arrived. Cold enough for sweaters and jeans, warm enough not to need a coat. I've been on lots of long walks and one jog since being home. The park a block from my apartment is perfect for jogging. Lots of trees and natural rock formations.
Mama and Roosevelt are getting along "okay" at the moment. Mama's stopped growling and hissing at him, but she's not ready to be best friends yet. Roosevelt really wants to play and keeps chasing her, but she runs and hides from him. Hopefully they'll get it worked out while we're away in San Francisco this weekend and all they have for company is each other.
Puffy Mama barely tolerating Roosevelt's presence.
Otherwise, I've just been doing a lot of cooking and baking. Don told me that I could pick anything to cook and he'd pay for the ingredients. Two things I've always wanted to cook but I've been kind of intimidated by is risotto and seared scallops. Neither are difficult, but they require a level of precision and if you don't get them just right they're both very easy to screw up. Well, I did it! And it turned out delicious!
This morning I made blueberry muffins from scratch. They also turned out wonderfully.


  1. 50s-60s is sweatshirt weather?!? Darling, in the north of this country that's what we call summer, bring out the shorts, baby!

    Oh, and you can come cook with/for us anytime you want. I will buy ingredients :-)

    1. Not sweatshirt, sweater! Y'know, those lovely, knit, fuzzy things? Besides, I've acclimated to Caribbean weather, give me a break.