Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Best petsitter ever!

I stay on island each August and always wind up petsitting for my friends cats. This break I also took on a dog for the first time. I tend to take lots of photos and tag their owners to provide updates on their pet, and also just because I like taking pictures of cute animals.

This break I had Mama and MJ, of course, but I also got back Sparrow (formerly Amelia) and Suna (formerly Dolly), two of Mama's kittens, as well as Darcy (formerly Cookie) who I fostered for PAWS a couple of semesters ago. Brody is the dog, who belongs to a friend in my semester.

Suna and MJ

Sparrow and MJ

Suna being the first brave kitty to check Brody out.

Darcy and Sparrow

MJ investigating this strange "dog" thing

Darcy did much better with Brody than any of us expected given her exceedingly shy nature.

Sparrow hasn't changed a bit from kittenhood. Still a daredevil who gets into things she shouldn't and not terribly bright.


I love this photo.

Mama was not a fan of Brody. She spent most of the two weeks he was here on top of the fridge. She came down last night after he left with his owner and promptly slept for 13+ hours in her favorite chair, then had some serious playtime with MJ burning off fourteen days of pent up energy, and now she's being super affectionate with me.


  1. Do people take their pets back stateside with them once they've finished school? What usually happens?

    1. Yup! It's actually easier to get them back to the States than into St. Kitts because SKN is a rabies-free country, but the U.S. isn't.