Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crappy start.

Last semester most of the Firsties struggled in some way with adapting to island life. Either homesickness, missing family and friends or the simple convenience or being able to run errands in a few minutes as opposed to over an hour. I was surprisingly okay. I missed my husband, but other than that I was pretty alright. It appears I'm just lagging behind my peers, because this semester I'm in a foul mood. I want nothing more than to be back at home, in my bed, with my things and my people around me.

A lot of that has to do with still being burnt out from last semester, and probably also the fact that I came home to a sick cat. Mama's body rejected her internal sutures, and I didn't notice until I came home from break and found a giant abscess on her spay scar. It had to be lanced and drained and she's got a few days of wet-dry bandage changes until it can be closed again. She's positively miserable in her e-collar and body wrap (both of which she can get out of if I'm not vigilant enough, which makes my nights restless).

Have you ever seen anything so pathetic in your life?
Roman knows how to cheer me up. Sleepy kitty contortionist to the rescue!

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