Saturday, May 14, 2011

Better days.

So yeah, my first week pretty much sucked. Our A/C crapped out on Wednesday night and didn't get fixed until this (Saturday) morning, so that was three nights of sleeping with my windows open and no sheets, which meant I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. I have horrible allergic reactions to the mosquitoes here. Apparently it's not uncommon, and I'm not as bad as the worst case they've had where a girl had to be put on prescription strength Benedryl doses. I do have to take anti-histamines and apply cortisone like crazy, and even then they swell up to about the size of a silver dollar and turn bright reddish purple and ooze yellow stuff.

But today was definitely better. Our A/C got fixed and two of my friends and I went to Timothy Beach to join the swim club in their first swim of the semester. It was great. I was on the swim team for four years in middle school and high school and feeling my lungs burn and my muscles stretch in the open water is like coming home. It felt incredible and I saw my first sea turtle! I'm going back tomorrow to swim another mile. This might become a biweekly thing for me from now on.

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