Friday, May 27, 2011

Club ideas.

After several weeks of putting it off, I've finally started concentrating on the evidence-based medicine club I want to start. I have a few ideas that I'm pretty proud of.

- A critical thinking "toolkit" workshop that would consist of 3-4 lectures on how to evaluate journal articles. There will be one lecture on how to calculate effective sample size, a lecture on how to calculate a p-value using t-tables and evaluating appropriate margins of error, a lecture on determining if the experiment is controlled, if the article's conclusions are supported by their data, if there were appropriate blinds in place, etc.

- After these skills are in place we will hold monthly get togethers where we do a literature review on a topic that we've voted on and evaluate the existing research on that particular treatment modality, animal behavior, etc.

-This morning in the shower another idea came to me that I'm really proud of. It'll be called "The Genuine Article" and will be a fundraiser where as a club we have three journal article abstracts on something that seems outlandish and unbelievable. Two of them will be fake and one will be real. Students will buy tickets to vote on which one they think is the real deal and place them in a bucket under that article, and at the end of the contest we will pull a name out of the winning bucket and buy that student dinner.

I'm so excited!

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