Monday, September 16, 2013

Left my heart...

Lately I feel more and more like a child of two worlds.

The weather is getting cooler here in Illinois. Fall is almost here and I'm loving it. I grew up in the midwest, and autumn is absolutely my favorite season. I can't describe the perfection of a beautiful fall day to someone who grew up somewhere without a true autumn season. The sun is warm, but the breeze is crisp and cold and makes your cheeks pink. The sunlight filtering through leaves so brightly jewel-colored red, orange and yellow makes you feel like you're standing in a kaleidoscope. The air smells like woodsmoke and baking spices. It's been my own personal Nirvana since I was a kid.

Then I moved to St. Kitts. At first I hated the heat and humidity, but soon I grew accustomed to it. I fell in love with the coqui frogs at night, and the serenity I felt floating face down watching brightly colored fish darting around me. Now when someone still at Ross posts a photo of themselves on the beach, I feel a pang of longing to be there. I miss the ocean and eating barbecue chicken with my feet buried in the sand. I miss my friends. The island got under my skin in a big, bad way and I miss it so, so much at times.

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