Saturday, August 17, 2013

Boo do doobie doo.

Not much to say. The Ross summer semester officially ended on Thursday, so I have officially completed one semester of clinics (OHMYGODholycrap!).

I'm on Diagnostic Medicine right now, which actually takes up two blocks for a total of four weeks. I'm spending the first two weeks on cytology, and the last two weeks on necropsy. I really enjoy pathology, it's another aspect of medicine that feels like a treasure hunt to find the answer. Unfortunately, I'm not as good at it as I feel I am with imaging. My eyes don't pick up things as easily when they're microscopic on a slide, or surrounded by a puddle of gelatinous blood on a necrotic piece of tissue. But so far my skills in ctyology seem comparable/slightly above those on rotation with me, so I don't feel too bad.

I do remember being much, much better at recognizing cells in 3rd semester during my Clinical Pathology class, though. However, we were looking at slides several times a day every week, so that likely has something to do with it. And I have gotten better over the course of the week. Yesterday I successfully diagnosed 11 out of the 21 cases we looked at, and of the 10 I missed I had recognized elements that were right but I didn't arrive at the correct conclusion (i.e. saw a pyogranulomatous inflammation, didn't find the fungal agent responsible).

Anywho... Not much going on. Castiel is getting bigger. He's been neutered, and he's flipping crazy. I miss my calm, sleepy kitten when he first came to me (anemic and with gastritis, yeah, I know). But hopefully he'll grow out of this uncontrollable phase of climbing curtains and destroying anything remotely resembling plastic.

Okay, not as cute as a cat, but still. I like giant millipedes.

I bought brand new brushes a few months ago, and hadn't had the opportunity to try out the eyeliner brush yet. I love it! Using the brush and gel eyeliner makes drawing vintage cateyes a la Audry Hepburn super simple!