Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Ever since I learned that I could cover old tattoos with new ones that I like more when I got my leopard gecko over an old, faded rose on my foot back in May, I've been obsessed with covering the other old, faded rose on my back. It's a tiny little lower back tattoo, about the size of a silver dollar. It used to be very pretty, but now the colors are dull and the detail is blurry and I just really dislike it.

So I've been designing a rat to go over it. I used Shutterstock free images as my base, and then took bits and pieces from different ones to create the final image. I'd steal the whiskers from one, the hind leg from another, the tail from another, and then use Paint to piece them together and the drawing tool to fill in or erase parts. I'm very happy with the results!

The text will be more flowy and script-like. This is the closest font I could find to one I liked. And it will curve around the tail instead of being straight like that. The saying is the one that my closest friends and I chose to have on our necklaces that we made in 7th semester. It means, "I'll find a way or I'll make one." Not only does it have special meaning to me because of those girls, but also because I really identify with it. What Rossie wouldn't? We couldn't get into the state schools, so we went on an adventure instead and did what it took to become vets.

Now just to find a tattoo parlor in Chicago or Indy so I can get it done while I'm on externships. I think I'll email Nic, the guy who did my gecko in San Francisco and see if he knows anyone he trusts in those areas.