Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pretty flowers.

If you've known me since childhood, you probably know that I love lilacs. A lot. I had a lilac bush in my backyard as a child, and I swear to you that thing was my best friend. Which may sound sad, but I spent hours playing around that bush. I hid things in its branches and made up games, and pretended all sorts of things, many of them I can't even remember because when you're a child there's this whole other world going on inside of your head that you can't tap into as an adult.

One thing I do remember is that when I went through my Xena obsession stage, and started "training" with a quarter staff in my backyard, no tree or bush was safe except for my lilac. I beat the shit out of every other thing in our backyard except that.

So when I found out that there was an entire garden of lilac bushes in Manito Park here in Spokane, I became a giddy little girl again. I was eagerly waiting for when they would come into bloom, and today was the day. I caught them at the perfect time, when the trees are half budded and half bloomed out. It smelled like heaven and I took, um, a lot of pictures. Like over fifty. I LIKE LILACS, SHUT UP! Here are some of my favorites...


  1. "I beat the shit out of every other thing in our backyard except that."
    OH. My. God. You had me dyyying when I read that! hahahahahhaha
    That is true love, if I've ever seen it.

  2. I also grew up with a lilac bush that I loved dearly (enough to risk and inevitably get horrible weeping blisters from cutting back the poison sumac vines that tried to strangle it), but have not found a lilac garden in California, so I'm quite jealous.