Thursday, December 27, 2012

What professionalism?

So I get a lot of hits on this blog from the Student Doctor Network forums. People link to my blog as a good way to get an idea about what living in St. Kitts and being a Ross student is like. Awesome! Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

However, I just clicked on one of the links that has been sending a good deal of traffic this way, and I have to say that I was majorly disappointed by what I saw.

Among students who can't get into U.S. schools, there's a lot of agonizing over whether they should attend Ross or St. George's University. Each has their own ups and downs, and both are good schools that have AVMA accreditation and produce high quality vets. I can honestly say that I've never heard anyone at Ross putting down SGU or its students. The only time I hear it mentioned is someone talking about a friend that goes there, or as an option should they fail out of Ross.

So I was pretty startled when I read this thread and a bunch of SGU students were talking a ton of smack about Ross. They were repeating the same old conventional wisdoms about Devry and Ross that are tiny nuggets of truth surrounded by a lot of hoopla and exaggeration. Some of them got downright nasty.

Guys, we are all going to be future colleagues. The specialist you refer a patient to ten years from now may very well be a Ross graduate. Can you at least try to put aside your biases and act like a professional? Because talking trash on the internet about your peers? Not that classy.


  1. TO be fair to those insulting Devry, there's a good reason why Devry, ITT, Heald, Kaplan's, etc. take a lot of flack these days (which makes me sad about Devry as it used to be a fairly good tech school). Many of those types of technical schools are pretty much just money scams that should have had their accreditation revoked decades ago. This becomes especially true when you look at their cost vs. education; i.e. compare to a similar curriculum at a "conventional" school and it's no wonder Heald grads don't get hired without doing a lot of extra work once they get out of school. They get half the education at 3x the price (at least).

    I researched Ross when I thought I was going to go to vet school though and had never found anything about them that seemed to put them in the same league. I'm kinda confused why they'd get lumped in with the others.

    1. I don't care if someone has beef with Devry. It's when I keep seeing statements that "Ross takes more students than it can handle" that my dander gets raised, because it implicitly follows that Ross grads have an inferior education. That *I* am going to be a lower quality vet.