Monday, October 15, 2012

Rafael, cool but rude.

Tropical Storm Rafael (now a hurricane) is just finishing up with us. We're just catching the coat tails of the storm, which is still pretty intense with heavy rainfall and winds. I lost power at my place around 4:30am yesterday (Sunday) morning and it was still out when I left for school this morning at 7:30am. Yes, Ross still had class. They just now (12:30pm) sent out a text closing campus as of 1pm today. So they had us to come to class because apparently it was safe enough to drive through massively flooded, muddy roads to get here, but now that they've decided that it isn't safe anymore we're all supposed to leave. The logic hurts.

I have to throw away a bunch of meat from my freezer, but other than that, I'm not terribly upset about the power outage. Unlike a lot of students, I still have water when my power goes out, so I can still shower, albeit in cold water. I'm well-stocked for emergencies with lots of canned food and sterno fuel. Yesterday I heated water for tea and canned beef stew (which with the addition of a little granulated garlic and white pepper, was actually pretty good). I spent most of the day reading by candlelight. It was actually kind of relaxing and felt like I had a day off.

Here's a few photos/videos of the damage:

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