Thursday, September 1, 2011

Semester break numero dos!

My family came down to visit for the first week of break. I got to see my momma, my grandma, my aunt and my cousin (who is preggers with another cousin). It was great to show them around my island and take them to some of my favorite restaurants. I even had a few new experiences - tried sugar cane for the first time and got to see a lot of things on our island tour that I didn't get to the first time I did it back in January.

I'm also all moved in to my new apartment. I love it. I more than love it. I am so happy and at peace here. It's my space and my things and quiet, so quiet. No passive aggressive roommates, no ill-behaved dogs jumping all over me anytime I so much as leave my room for a glass of water. Nothing but birds, Coqui frogs, waves pounding the beach and the occasional monkey scuffle. In other words, heaven on earth.

Anyway. Pictures!

Give Grandma a fedora and call her Dr. Jones!

Last time I was out at the old sugar cane mill, this was buried. A hard rain washed away enough soil that it was partly uncovered and then excavated. This is the remnants of an old rum distillery.

Ladies and gentleman, meet where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. See the waves going in opposite directions?

Black rock formations from the long-dormant volcano.

Plantation house.
Wilbur loves his baff!
Mom, grandma and I took the ferry over to Nevis to see the botanical gardens.

My favorite pic of the gardens. I dubbed this the "candy corn flower."
I love this statue and wish the gift shop had had a mini one.
An African Sausage tree. Yup, not kidding.
From left to right: My momma, grandma, cousin Alaina and Aunt Janet.


  1. Thanks for the pictures! I really missed being there and seeing your life while you are at school!

  2. Your pictures of the Botanical Gardens still amaze me! Plus I love that I made it on your blog post!!!