Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two down.

Both Amelia and Roman have gone to their new homes. Dolly is the only one left to be adopted. Last Saturday at the adoption event everyone kept remarking on how soft Roman and Dolly's fur was. I guess I never thought that they were softer than average for kittens, but then realized that Mama's fur is incredibly soft as well. I guess they got her good genes!

It helps that I'm friends on Facebook with their new owners and get to see all of the pictures they're posting and how well they're doing.

Some of their best photos in a proper send off:



 And the last videos I have of all three of them together:


  1. When I saw the word "down" in my reading list I was afraid to look!!! So glad you didn't mean it the way I feared.

  2. Aww, sorry! No, if I lost two kittens I imagine the title would be a lot more angsty.

  3. You've been a good foster mum :-)

  4. Aww, what a sweet post. It's good you still get to see them grow. =]

  5. The swiffer video is so cute, I might exploded if I watch it again. If I could adopt Dolly, I totally would. I really hope I get to have a kitten one day soon. It's great that you got two adopted, good luck on the third!